Remedy Room

 *Prices are subject to change.

Shirodhara Treatment
Treatment  $65
This simple Shirodhara tradition aims to bring physical and emotional balance by rejuvenating the spirit and preserving health. Warm oil flows freely from a valve onto the pineal gland releasing serotonin and lulls you into a tranquil state of ease and peaceful meditation. Oils are then massaged into the crown nourishing the hair while soothing the soul. Treatment is accompanied with a steamed towel.
Cold Stone Treatment
Treatment $40
Cooled marble stones are rested under eyelids. They are gently applied to sinus points and used to massage face, neck and shoulders. This type of massage is particularly effective at allowing the mind to release feelings of trauma and anxiety. Provides a deep state of relaxation as well as rejuvenation of energy. Also helps reduce swelling and inflammation caused by Sinus Pressure. Essential oils are incorporated into the massage treatment.
Hot Stone Treatment
Treatment  $40
Warmed stones are gently massaged on the sinus points, temples, and jaw line to promote relaxation and to help open the meridians (energy pathways). This treatment provides deep dimensions of relaxation and well-being. A perfect remedy for muscle tension, and congestion. Helps reduce swelling and increases circulation. Essential oils are incorporated into the massage treatment.
Mind.Body.Spirit. Shampoo Cleanse
Cleanse $12
Deeply cleanse your mind, spirit and hair with this long, invigorating shampoo treatment and scalp massage. Approximately 15 minutes. Service scheduled in the Remedy Room upon availability.
NOTE: Those with low blood pressure, rashes, and any kind of aversions to oils are not good candidates for the Shirodhara treatment. Shirodhara has not been scientifically studied. Pregnancy and breast feeding: Not enough is known about the use of Shirodhara during pregnancy and breast feeding. Stay on the safe side and avoid use.
 *Prices are subject to change.

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