1. Single-Process Color

starting at $85

Whether it’s touching up yOur gray or using your hair as your own personal palette, SALON NOVA’s unique color bar uses only the highest quality hair color so that together clients & stylists can create the perfect color.

Naturally Red
Red heads are an animal of their own. Their color needs a lot of TLC & is considered a high maintenance color. They may need a refresher in between touch-ups or a glaze especially if it is a new look for you. It is very normal to see some color in the water when you wash your hair for the first couple of times. We also suggest a dry shampoo since going longer in between shampoos will extend the life of your color.

Going Gray
Many times people tend to go darker in an attempt to cover their gray hair. This becomes harder to maintain & sometimes does not even color the grays as well as expected. There are many other options such as going lighter to defuse the contrast, highlights to blend; or a color that blends the gray so the re-growth is softer.

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