Creative Color

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1. Ombre

starting from $185-$275

Can be subtle or striking, French word meaning shaded or shading. Ombre is usually darker at the roots & gradually lighter towards the ends, can be compliment blondes, brunettes, redheads & anything in between!

2. Sombre

starting from $140-$270

A subtle version of Ombre that uses a more natural blending of lines from the base of the hair to the ends.

3. Balayage

starting from $175-225

A painting technique using soft strokes to create a sun-kissed look without using foils; can be applied to natural hair color or over a single process color.

4. Color Blocking

starting at $105

Creates geometric shapes in the hair using color, strong solid lines & can be done all over or on specific areas of the head, in conjunction with single process color.


5. Fashion Colors

starting at $170-$290

Bright colors, applied all over the head or just on specific areas. Many times used on top of Ombre, but they can also be applied as a glaze. Fashion colors are high maintenance & require frequent care, in fact, certain situations may require a refresher within the first 7 days of the original application. This refresher would be offered at $35.

6. b3 Brazilian Bond Builder

b3 Brazilian Bond Builder $10 per color process

b3 Brazilian Bond Builder (also known as b3) is a professional tool that can be mixed into all color formulations.  This breakthrough technology build bonds, which helps to prevent & reduce damage with no added processing time.  It improves the overall integrity of the hair while prolonging color retention & vibrancy between appointments.

-Dramatically reduces breakage

-Better gray coverage

-Improves pigment retention

-Helps prevent damage during all color services

-Noticeably healthier & more resilient hair