Color Therapy Sunglasses

NEW AT NOVA: Rainbow OPTX Chakra Color Therapy Glasses. These unique sunglasses use 10 different mood boosting colors to make the world beautiful, instead of black lenses that make everything dark.  Each color has a mood: “cool” colors are relaxing and “warm” colors are energizing. Each color is paired with a positive affirmation. All lenses offer full UV400 protection against UVA and UVB rays.RainbowOPTXChakraColorTherapyGlassesRainbow OptxRainbow Optx ModelsMagenta Mantra: I Transcend – Affirmation: The radiance of my divine nature shines always. I am expansive, pure & true.

VioletMantra: I Know – Affirmation: I am complete & whole. Perfect &connected.

Indigo MantraI See – Affirmation: I dwell upon the universal wisdom within me & all around me. I understand.

BlueMantra: I Speak – Affirmation: It brings me pleasure to express myself with ease & clarity.

AquaMantra: I Express – Affirmation: Matters of the heart are spoken & understood effortlessly.

GreenMantra: I Attract – Affirmation: I Receive unconditional love & compassion

RoseMantra: I Love – Affirmation: I live & love in balance, in a state of loving gratitude.

YellowMantra: I Do Affirmation: I am open to powerful self expression.

OrangeMantra: I Feel – Affirmation: I allow myself more abundance & pleasure than ever before.

RedMantra: I Am – Affirmation: I am safe, secure, grounded, protected, supported.

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