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Level 2 Artist


Howdy! I’m Brooke.
I started my entire hair career in the walls of Salon Nova back in 2016. After going to college and still not knowing what I was best at, it hit me that I love people and I adore art. I started here never stepping foot into a salon or washing a client’s hair before. It didn’t take long to know this is where I belonged. The “lived in” look is what I love most in color and cuts. I also admire the Farrah Fawcett days of lots of layers, volume and her light natural color. What I love most about the industry though is making people feel good about themselves!
At Salon Nova we have an unlimited amount of education. I’ve attended classes on Wella, Redken, Brazilian blow out, Pulp riot, Kevin Murphy, R & Co and more!
So if you’re looking for a friend, a calming warming vibed salon, and a stylish color and cut we are here for you!



  • 1 pm – 9 pm


  • $60
  • $35
  • Starting at $90
  • Starting at $180
  • Starting at $155
  • Starting at $175
  • Starting at $40
  • $40
  • Starting at $130