Ever wanted smoother, fuller, or longer hair? Hair smoothing, extensions, keratin treatments, and permanent waves can all quickly transform your hair to a stunning new look.  *Prices are subject to change

Permanent Wave
Application From $95
Permanent body waves can give you a variety of ways to style your hair without ever having curly hair.
$250-$350 Priced Based on Complimentary Consultation
A revolutionary salon service using waving lotion and editorial hair setting techniques to create a variety of permanent textures for clients.  Get beach waves or add volume and texture to hair.
Keratin Smoothing Treatments
$350 Priced Based on Complimentary Consultation
We offer a variety of different Keratin treatments which revitalize and rejuvenate hair by sealing keratin into the cuticles to lock out frizz-causing humidity and reduce curls. The Keratin product used would be based on a complimentary consultation.  Formaldehyde free formula available.
Coppola Express Blow Out From $99
The Express Blow Out is a unique, one hour service that gives the hair a softer, smoother and silkier texture for up to 6 weeks. Hair can be washed after just 8 hours. Coppola Express Blow Out is perfect for all hair types.
$45 Added on to any hair service $65 A la carte
Keratherapy is a simple & quick treatment that helps prevent color fading by replenishing natural keratin, collagen & protein that are lost over time. This treatment coats the hair shaft & penetrates the cuticle, instantly revealing a healthy luster & high impact shine. Works on all hair types for up to 4 weeks.
Hair Extensions
Application Price based on complimentary consultation
There are many reasons people choose to have hair extensions. Hair extensions are a great alternative for you if you want to: add length to your hair, add fullness, or even if you want to try highlights without the use of permanent color.

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